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Let me get you caught up to speed on the timeline to how this happened….

We all know the ambiance of

‘The week before Christmas”. It’s all.....

-Ribbons and bows,

-Wrapping paper,

-Twinkling lights,

-Christmas caroling,

-Laughter and baking

-While pausing for a kiss under the mistletoe!

Who are we kidding, we all know the craziness of attending winter choir concerts, holiday parties, walking on eggshells around stressful kids studying for finals, the parents wrapping up work to be able to enjoy a week off, trying to remember if you have all the gifts ordered and is it fair amongst your kids, your nieces and nephews, etc. Throw in hosting 2 family Christmas' in 1 week with being out of town for 2 days in between to attend a Holiday Basketball Tournament with your son’s high school team that he manages. So a total of 2 weeks of disrupted sleep have occurred and all the adrenaline has worn off and it’s time to go back to work. Oh but throw in your daughter is leaving on a 5:45am flight in 2 days and she needs laundry done. (Yes, I realize a teenager could be doing her own laundry....that is a story for another day).

So here we are on January 1st doing laundry. Tossed in a load of towels, switch to the dryer, toss in daughter’s delicates, pull the laundry cart towards the washer to put in another load and THUD. Of course I said **** (just kidding, I really don’t cuss), I simply said “of course this would happen”. In an attempt to fix the wheel, the cart about flipped over, it wasn't catching so I just left it and walked away. In mind said 'At least I got her 2 delicates washed that she wanted'. Then it is time to take my daughter across town to have a sleepover with her bestie before she leaves for the week.

January 2nd, I wake up to seeing the trash had not been taken out (oldest child's job) and you know....after Christmas/New Years is overflowing! So, I lug it out. Where is my husband in all of this...he is in Florida helping his parents get settled to snowbird and be ready to bring our daughter back from Florida. I see a full load of patients and head home for the day, processing what to make for dinner. I remember having a rotisserie chicken that needs used and have fresh spinach I forgot to use on New Years' Lemon Orzo Chicken it is. I pull up to the house and the empty cans are still blood begins to boil. I walk in and begin dinner, text the kids (the intercom system of this generation) to get the cans. Well, my daughter said something that did not sit well with me and......the wheels came off!!!

I admit, I am not perfect, but try to hold in any frustrations. I also take on a lot to help offload stress of my kids but I realized in that moment that I never allow anyone to pick up the slack for me. I have shown my strong, independent side to my kids their whole life and for as long as I have known my husband.

So here we are January 5th and I am taking time to Reset, Recharge and Refocus on what brings me joy. The wheels will be put back and will glide across the surface again with ease, but for now it needs to stay where it is and Regroup. It may be January but you don't have to hit your goals overnight. Take time each day to fill your cup and create your own joy....even if the wheels come off!

And I will listen to the superstition to NOT do laundry on January 1st...ever again!

Until my next falling short moment,


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Updated: Jan 5

Welcome! Please allow me a moment to introduce myself....

My name is Ashley and the idea of Confident YOU Beauty has been a vision of mine since 2014. We live in a society where we feel as if we fall short of EVERYTHING! We aren't doing enough for our families, spending enough time with our friends, not making gourmet meals and sitting down as a family every night, we wish we were IG perfect, wishing our bodies were fitter and the list goes on and on. I would like to encourage you, and even give you permission, to be kinder to yourself.

This world...especially the online world...can be brutal. My hope is that you find peace, joy, knowledge and ACCEPTANCE for who you are...RIGHT NOW...when you are on my page.

Initially you may see some beautiful photos which I give credit to one of my dearest friends, Esther Dora (owner of Forever Young Photography) but what you don't see is the progression it took to be right here writing this blog post for you (9 years in the making). As an overcomer of disordered eating and body dysmorphia I know the challenges it takes to fully accept that reflection you see in the mirror. I hope to take you on a journey to taking that first step...then the next...and ultimately climb the staircase to living your best life, fully accepting yourself for what you have to offer this world JUST AS YOU ARE.

I hope you check back often to read my words of encouragement, but if you are needing that encouragement before I post, please do not hesitate to reach out...we were not meant to walk this life alone!

Proverbs 27:17 says it this way,

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Please explore what CYB has to offer through the link below...Take Care!


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